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    Solo-Ads Ezine, June 2007

    Solo-Ads Ezine

    Is an ezine published by Dan Groves. The difference between this ezine and any other one is that Solo-Ads Ezine doesn’t contain any content other than solo ads. The subscribers get .05 credit for each link they click on which determines us to say that this ezine is in fact a “paid-to-read emails” program.

    Program advertised in the solo ad: AdsHome Ezine Advertising Co-op.

    Here are the results of our solo ad published on June 27, 2007.


    Number of subscribers: 500 (the ezine has more subscribers but you can send your solo ad to part of them – 500, 1,000, 2,000).

    Price of the solo ad: US$6.

    Number of Unique Visitors: 83.

    Number of Sales: 0


    Cost per Visitor: $0.07

    The no sale result speaks for itself and doesn’t require any other formulas to be applied.

    UPDATE: We got some more visitors but still no sales. The last visitor arrived on July 19 and rounded the final number of unique visitors to 90.

    Here you can order your own solo ad in Solo-Ads Ezine.

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